Jamie Wipiiti - Guitar, BVs
Bernie Cook - Keyboards, vocals
Nick Bryan - Drums, vocals

Jamie Wipiiti - Guitar and backing vocals

Bernie Cook - Keyboards and Lead Vocals

Nick Bryan - Drums and Lead Vocals

  • Jamie joined the Custodians of Classic Rock as a fill-in guitarist in March 2006. It soon became obvious that this status would need to change. And so he has been a permanent member of the band ever since bringing a unique style of guitar playing to the repertoire and the Custodian sound.
  • In an extensive career stretching back to his teens, Jamie has toured with Van Halen and played in many support acts. He's played with NZ Idols, Becky, Matt, Nick, and Australian Idol Emily. The variety of music and styles he plays is extensive. He's played in opera houses, at the Big Day Out, festivals and in full brass bands. His influences include Cacaphony, Steve Vai, Yngwie and Shawn Lane.
  • A most professional guitarist, Jamie brings more than a touch of class to the Custodians performance. His riffs can astonish even the most hardened rock fan. Yet he can also bring the emotions of a ballad to life through his guitar. He is an act worth catching any time.
  • Bernie began his career on stage at the age of 7 in a one-off performance at a talent quest in Opunake. It would be many years before he took the stage again - as Elvis in Australasia's Best Elvis competition. That led to a renewed interest in a lost love - entertaining. He formed the Custodians in 1997 and has continued to this day to indulge his love of entertaining in the most professional way.
  • He has not wasted any time since, having performed professionally on both sides of the Tasman. Even appearing on Channel Seven News as a confirmed Elvis sighting on the streets of Noosa in Queensland!
  • Back in New Zealand, he is noted not just for his occasional Elvis appearance but also his remarkably authentic Neil Diamond sound. Close your eyes and you can't tell the difference say his fans.
  • But that's not all, with a range of vocal abilities, Bernie can cover a range of genres. Enough to ensure a full night of variety that is sure to please most.
  • Combining a wicked sense of humour with great vocals and keyboard skills, Bernie is the consumate entertainer.
  • Nick first began playing drums in the UK during his early teens and played with several 'garage' bands during subsequent years. In his late twenties and early thirties, he made various guest live appearances as a drummer for a number of professional bands, but kept live performances and drumming as strictly a stand-in hobby until joining the Custodians.
  • He joined the Custodians of Classic Rock in 2003. As well as having a great sense of timing and rhythm, Nick is also shares lead singer role in the band.
  • With advanced electronic drums at his disposal, he can produce a wide variety of drum sounds and timbres to suit any musical genre and venue.
  • In addition, his wide musical taste and adaptable skills makes him an ideal drummer to drive the beat behind the broad musical repertoire of the Custodians.
  • As an Englishman he is the brunt of a lot of 'Pommie' and 'blame the drummer' jokes during stage performances, but this never seems to put him off his rhythm. Now, since 2016, this teasing is no longer possible as Nick is now a proud Kiwi with NZ Citizenship.