Jamie joined the Custodians of Classic Rock as a fill-in guitarist in March 2006. It soon became obvious that this status would need to change. And so he has been a permanent member of the band ever since bringing a unique style of guitar playing to the repertoire and the Custodian sound.

In an extensive career stretching back to his teens, Jamie has toured with Van Halen and played in many support acts. He's played with NZ Idols, Becky, Matt, Nick, and Australian Idol Emily. The variety of music and styles he plays is extensive. He's played in opera houses, at the Big Day Out, festivals and in full brass bands. His influences include Cacaphony, Steve Vai, Yngwie and Shawn Lane.

A most professional guitarist, Jamie brings more than a touch of class to the Custodians performance. His riffs can astonish even the most hardened rock fan. Yet he can also bring the emotions of a ballad to life through his guitar. He is an act worth catching any time.

Check out his You Tube channel for some amazing recordings.